Women's Studies Adjunct Professor and Humanitarian Designs
Unique Empowerment Programs



Danielle Craig is an Adjunct Professor of Women's Studies at Ramapo College and William Paterson University. 

Danielle received a Bachelor of Arts in Literature with a double major in Women's Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She earned a Master of Science in Women's Studies from Towson University with a concentration in Women, Health, and Sexuality.

Inspired by her college courses, Danielle designed EmpoweringU(LLC) to lead empowerment programs modeled for children and teens to empower and educate them as they grow into young adults who can positively contribute to the world they live in. 


Girls vision board 2.JPG

Vision board created by a third grader in Girl Empowered Body Image.




Boys Empowerment, Superhero Vision Board.jpg

Superhero vision board created by a six grader in Be Your Own Superhero: A Boys' Empowerment Workshop.