I aim to be a global leader and advocate of gender equality and human rights. I am a visionary who sees a world where all people have dignity, freedom, respect, and are appreciated for what they contribute and share with society. I believe a world without war is possible, I believe we can live without hate and intolerance, and I believe that there can be a world where women are valued and honored for the sacred human beings they are. I see a world that will be liberated of its plight through the spiritual values of love, interconnection, and the compassionate embrace of our human family. 

I am interested in and support social justice initiatives for women's empowerment and human rights. I deeply care about people who have encountered physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual injustice and I will continue to devote myself to uplifting, healing, and inspiring those who have experienced human trafficking, domestic violence, reproductive or maternal health rights violations, environmental crises, and disabilities. I value global outreach and international network alliances that work towards progressive reform and counteract sexism, racism, classism, and heterosexism. 

I optimistically look towards a future of equality.